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As a general ed teacher, I have seen student expectations lowered to a point that is ridiculous over the yrs. It may just be our inexperienced sped teacher. IDK, but I have had lots of sped kids over the yrs do way more than what the sped teacher thinks is possible.
Many are kids who would not even be in SPED if not for RTI pushing it. I have had aides so surprised in my room at times that they run and copy the student's class work. Things sped did not think the kid could even do.
A lot of times the kids in sped due to the RTI rush process are capable of catching up w/ high expectations and could become functioning, employed adults. They may have to work a little harder at it , but it'd pay off in their adult yrs.
I know there are a lot of kids not like that too. ( Those are a different story.)
I have heard capable kids laugh that now they are in sped, they don't have to do something or only need to do a small part when they were capable. Those kids just get further behind every yr and most will not be employable now. It is sad to watch. If an IEP says to shorten the assignments as needed, I'd have followed it just because of policy, but I'd encourage the kids to do all that they can. Sorry! If I sound annoyed w/ sped. I am, but not w/ you in particular!

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