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Like the previous poster, Summerwillcom, in a lot of states and schools, getting the bells and whistles on accommodations is easy and to the point of where the kid basically gets to just sit there and have an aid do everything. Another perspective is that of the gen teacher who is teaching a year of standardized testing. For scores in my states, SPED kids have to show a certain amount of growth and they count double! So, if SPED kids do not grow on their tests it hurts the district badly and can be the reason for a D or F rating. No joke. So, a lot of teachers know that the kid can do more but is making excuses or has been tied to accommodations for so long. She is probably holding him responsible because she is being held responsible for her test scores. There is now data, research and programs available saying that we have been doing it wrong all this time by modifying lessons for SPED kids because they are responsible for the same test and worldly experience as their peers. It has been suggested to push them and expose them to at level material because they will catch on just slower. As a teacher, I know aids dislike me because I have "high standards." Really, I just know that most of these kids are capable of more than just taking notes and writing their name...
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