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Making their test scores count 2x is down right insane. Yes, it is way too easy here for kids to get pushed into sped when they really don't belong there here.
AS teachers who care, we see it as a victory when we can keep kids out of that system. There are kids who need to be in it. I'm not saying that.
There are just so many who are a bit behind or don't test well that could grow up to be productive members of society if the expectations were higher. The kid knows they are behind. They may need to know that that means they need to work harder to catch up.
Yes, they will have some of the same worldly challenges as their peers. They need to know if they work hard they can catch up and do well.
As adults, bosses aren't going to do all of the modifications for them. I've seen too many kids caught up in that situation and it makes me sick.
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