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I'm starting a first grade job Monday- ADVICE APPRECIATED!
Old 01-29-2019, 11:54 AM
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The short of it: I need advice on starting with a first grade class mid-year!

I have been on leave since having my son last year and decided to return early when I saw my dream school was hiring. I got the job and it starts in a few days!

I am coming into a class of 18 first graders. Their teacher retired last week and must've been one of those who "retired" a lot earlier than her last day. That being said, I have been warned the parents are needy :/ As well they advised me to start from scratch with my behavior management and lessons. SO knowing that can anyone help me with:

*"Getting to know you" or other first day activities- I thought of bringing in special treats with a little "glad to have you" poem or something cutesy. I think I'll give them a BHM sheet to work on while I chat and meet my new kids.

*Parents- I plan on calling each parent and introducing myself Monday afternoon. I want to tell them that I'm making it a priority to get to know their son/daughter and their needs. I'm also going to be very strict with my communication and office hours (which will go home on an info sheet that day,) so they don't feel like they can bulldoze me.

*Behavior Management- I want to use Class Dojo. I'm going to explain how the positive and negative points work to the students as well as parents, and emphasize that it is updated DAILY so they don't expect a live action report on their kids behavior. IF YOU KNOW OF A BETTER METHOD THAT ALSO WORKS AS A SOLID LINE OF COMMUNICATION (WITH A "PAPER TRAIL" PLEASE LMK.)

*Lessons- Short, whole group lessons on the floor (is that a thing in first?) Followed by Daily 5 for both math and reading. I have to incorporate iReady as well.

FIRST GRADE TIPS IN GENERAL- The last time I taught it was in another state (I'm in FL now) and it was 6 years ago, and I did teach Kinder 4 years ago.


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