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You can do it!
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Just FYI - this particular board is not frequented by many people. Feel free to post on the Busy board to get more responses.

Very few teachers are already good when they are student teaching. Of course you are going to have low confidence! You havenít had much practice! It will come, if you stick with it and just keep trying to get better each day.

My may need to try faking it until you make it. You can trick yourself into enjoying your teaching more by acting high-energy, confident, and enthusiastic, even when you are none of those things. I actually feel that way when I teach now, but I didnít at first. Actually, I still have to use this when I go for interviews. I tell myself ďIím so excited!Ē a few times, out loud, and smack a big smile on my face. Believe it or not, it really works.

You really do have to be patient with yourself when you are student teaching. You will get there with practice.
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