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Clip to ScrapBook #11

I agree - D5 is the way to go. I do three 20-min rounds of Daily 5 per day while I meet with three reading groups. You could easily split the rounds. In my room, they must choose read to self OR read to buddy daily, and then they can choose other things like listen to reading (I borrow books on CD from the library and collected old dusty Discmen from friends to use), computer (I only have 2), write about reading in their notebooks (sometimes I mandate that they must do this about the read aloud but usually they can choose from their independent reading), or word work (this varies based on the time of year and the skill we're working on). I track their choices on a spreadsheet, previously I've had them put three icons in a pocket chart next to their name to indicate their choices when they enter in the morning. They are allowed to independently switch their book bin books whenever they want to during arrival or dismissal times (10 mins of each) so they don't get bored.

I got overwhelmed having to switch out bins of centers, make sure the activity at each center wasn't too long or to short, trying to differentiate each bin....This way, they are doing authentic work and I am not overwhelmed.
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