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Clip to ScrapBook #12

How about implementing sorts? You can differentiate the sorts and then have students on a daily basis do different things with the sorts?

For example:
Day 1 -- cut and sort 3 times
Day 2 -- Speed sort and rainbow write words
Day 3 -- find sort words in books/magazines etc.
Day 4 -- Write sort word sentences and create a word search
Day 5 -- Speed sort with a partner and glue sort

After sorting.. kids can do sight word work. I'd do something with file folders where students learn to spell and read words. Look up... look, cover, read, write.

If students are done early then students can do read to self.. remember students should get 10 new books per week at their level. If they are repeatedly reading 10 new books per week and exposed to new guided reading books.. within reading 60 new books at their level they should be moving a guided reading level.
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