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Venting is normal. It’s healthy. It relieves stress and put things into perspective. It can also make you a less effective teacher. It reminds you that all teachers have experienced the same frustrations. If there is a particular student in mind, it’s also fraught with danger. As a teacher you should never vent about students by name doing so can cause your colleagues to assume that it’s okay to repeat your comments to others. The lines between a professional conversation and a venting one should always be made clear at the outset. Avoid saying anything that reflects a personal dislike for them because when you verbalize animosity about a student, it solidifies the idea in your mind. The result is that they’ll dislike you right back, and you’ll have far less influence over them and their behavior choices.

It’s all too common to overhear teachers in hallways, offices, and staff lounges complaining about students by name and without a care in the world who hears them. It’s always worth waiting until you’re in a secure environment to eliminate the possibility that your words will be overheard, misconstrued, or thrown into the rumor mill. Next time you’re having a bad day, take a step back and breathe. Bide your time until you can pull that one person aside who really cares about you. Then speak from your heart.

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