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Minor vent (unlike my previous message of big venting about my bully boss)
Old 06-09-2020, 06:28 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

Everyoneís been posting their pandemic virtual experience, so Iíll go next.

2 google classrooms (Housekeeping life skills and General Music), with minimum required 2 assignments each of those classrooms. Useless because most students donít log on for classes nor do assignments anyways. We grade them 1 or 0 (pass/fail). FAPE meetings will request documentation of why we passed/failed, which is a joke of our 21 year olds graduating on us not knowing how to tie shoes nor relieve themselves bathe themselves etc.

My immediate supervisor sabotaged my class yesterday by teaching them the wrong subject, which now puts a FAPE violation on him. Not sure how heís made it 13 years on this job. I honestly taught better than him in my back half of student teaching.

My bosses want me showing kids videos and lecturing them, instead of hands-on Google Form engagement. I even engage non-verbal low functioning students through the computer and make them show a thumbs-up through the computer to their partner that they did a good job when itís their turn to unmute and say a musical letter/word. My bosses are honestly jealous cuz Iíve been teaching better than them since the back half of my first year.

Unpopular experience that my workload decreased from 5 hours each day to average 2 hours each day. Cue boredom and me asking around to help my colleagues, because my bosses basically refuse to talk to me, cuz they know I document all interactions with them and bcc my awesome union rep on everything.

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