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Hope the conference gives you ideas
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Clip to ScrapBook #7

You stated that the teacher wants him to self-monitor for comprehension. I take that as meaning he is not thinking or using meaning as he reads. The level D books are pretty patterned and a lot of times students with reading issues will try to memorize the patterned book instead of relying on the meaning of the story to help them problem solve unknown words.
If I were you I would do the following:
1. Get his eye glasses - even if you have to pay for another pair. Reading glasses are not the same as prescription glasses. It is hard to learn to read if you can't clearly see the strange lines we call letters.
2. Use level E books and give him a strong book orientation with meaning and unfamiliar words being discussed in the book introduction.
3. Do lots of rereading of the same books over and over again making sure his eyes are always looking at the words. A lot of times, students with reading issues will take their eyes off the words a lot. Look for this, if he is doing it. Get it stopped soon.
4. Relate back to the meaning as much as possible. If he must learn to self-monitor for comprehension like his teacher says, then this is what you need to say: Let's pretend he is reading and he says something that doesn't make sense, then you must say, "That didn't make sense. When your reading and you say something that doesn't make sense, you have to stop and think what would make sense and reread and think what word would make sense and start with that letter." You have to get him to do the work (self-monitor).

Hope this helps!
But please, don't wait another day for those glasses. Get his eye glasses before anything else.
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