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Are Job Fairs worthwhile?
Old 02-03-2018, 01:28 PM
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Hi All,
I am in the West and dissatisfied with a lot about my school etc. Am planning to move to the East, hopefully, Kentucky or Tennessee.

I just found out Rutherford County in Tennessee is having a job fair. I only get two personal days at current job, so I am wondering if this is a good thing to spend one day on. I would fly out Friday, Job Fair is Saturday and then home on Sunday.

It would cost about $700.00. But I would meet a ton of administrators. I am wondering if they then would be willing to Skype for an interview when they are looking more closely at candidates?

I have so many questions about interviewing and a job search. I am in my early 50's so I am somewhat nervous that they will not be interested because of that fact alone. I adore teaching and still feel so energized and motivated to be of service to the children!

Thank you so much

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