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Teachers, maybe you aren't ready to host student teachers
Old 12-15-2018, 09:46 AM
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Teachers with years of experience and decide to host student teachers, hear me out. DO NOT AGREE TO TAKE STUDENT TEACHERS IF YOU ARE NOT COMMITTED TO THEIR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT.

The reason is in the name, *student* teacher. We are brand new to the profession and are not going to be perfect in everything we do, any reasonable person would know that. If you are expecting absolute perfection, you do not deserve to be a mentor teacher. No amount of book and article reading can prepare anyone to be a teacher, most of the learning comes from the hands on experience of actually being in the classroom.

So this is a message to all you teachers with YEARS of experience being extremely harsh with new student teachers, reconsider. If you aren't here to help them grow and develop their skills with actual constructive feedback and cooperation, just don't be a mentor teacher at all.

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