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It sounds like you are the student teacher
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with a perfectionist mentor teacher. Is that right? If yes, please know that many teachers have experienced what you are going through. I have known lots of teachers who barely survived student teaching for this reason.
I was super blessed with a mentor teacher who was kind, open, and became a good friend many yrs ago.
I have heard horror stories from STing over the yrs.
I have not agreed to take a student teacher for many years. Not because I am a perfectionist, but because of the lack of honesty and transparency of where I have been working. I wouldn't want to be put in a position of not being able to be honest w/ the ST w/out major repercussions. If a ST repeated something in a way that could be taken wrong, it would be.
I'd bet many good teachers would not take a ST nowadays due to the way test scores are tied to evals in some places. Others are way over extended time wise. I am pretty amazed when anyone around here even agrees to it nowadays.
I know there are still some schools where teachers are treated decently, have time, and are not pressured by test scores. I have a friend who went back to school later in life to be a teacher. Her 1st mentor was really mean to her too. I knew a lot of teachers in different schools and found a nice 1 for her and she switched at Christmas time.
She agreed to take my friend. Her student teaching experience in the 2 classes were like night and day. Not only did she learn a lot, she got some confidence and experience from a kind lady. She had to find someone at her U who was willing to sign off on the switch. It was not hard for her to do. Can you find a nicer teacher, be honest w/ someone at your U about what is happening, and switch teachers?
I am so sorry you are having to deal w/ such a difficult person.
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