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Although it's extremely difficult to totally prevent toddlers from biting, the staff has the responsibility for CLOSELY monitoring known biters and working to prevent this behavior. It is not the responsibility of a 20 month-old to tell the aggressor to stop it.

I would seriously question the credentials of child care administrators who are "blaming" a 20 month-old for not using 2 word phrases. By 18 months of age, most toddlers know and use many single words. 18-24 month old toddlers begin to use 2 word phrases. At 20 months, the ability to use 2 word phrases is just beginning--some can do it; others are not there yet. The child care staff does not appear to understand child development. They are likely too focused on STEM and enrichment. Whatever happened to feed yourself, learn to run and jump, listen to a short story?

That said, if there is any realistic concern about a possible speech delay, or even for the parents' peace of mind, it wouldn't hurt to have a screening done. Perhaps contact Early Interventions or Child Find or the local school district.

And I would definitely recommend looking for a more appropriate and better run child care center.
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