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I agree with the poster that said some of the "forgetfulness" regarding not responding to e-mails may just be not knowing her communication style and not responding to something she thinks needs a response.

It is possible you have made some more mistakes than you are used to because she took what you were familiar with for 10 years and changed it completely.

I'd be careful about going in claiming it is all untrue. You may come out with egg on your face. But I do agree with going in with support. I'd want to know what you have not been responding to and when. You have basically admitted you let her "take over", which to me indicates she may be meaning to say you are not contributing at planning time rather than the term non-responsive.

Going in on fire claiming she is all wrong is probably not the best approach.

I wish you luck.

Until you know that your forgetfulness is really forgetfulness, I wouldn't be considering a medical work-up. It is most likely a big miscommunication between the two of you, which should have been handled between the two of you.
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