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With our school, during the time that our Reading teacher sees our kids, she will split the time with two different groups, that way the group isn't so large. So, really, they will be seen for about 25 minutes each. While she is seeing her small groups, I will consecutively be seeing different groups. I only see two groups per day. I have a schedule that I go by. I have four different "teams." Yes, these teams may change, but even with flexible grouping, they don't change drastically. I give them different names: I've done shapes, colors, fruits...etc. The names stay the same all year. Now, back to the schedule: I have it posted by my reading table: Monday, Wed I will see groups a, c...Tuesday, Thursday I will see b,d. On Fridays we work as a whole group and do making word activities, phonics or spelling tic-tac-toe, boggle...etc. It is more of a word study type of time.

During the group times for the whole week, we have literacy centers (yes, they take time to set up the first year, but now I can just go to my drawer and pull out the activities I want them to do each week). Some of the lit center activities never really change (except for the actual content). Listening center, sentence unscramble, spelling word center, one center dedicated to the skill we are working on, and a writing center.

I hope I didn't confuse you. It sounds complicated, but once you are both in a rhythm, it works really well.

Good luck with everything!
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