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Clip to ScrapBook #4

Our HR dept has a few people who's job it is to let us know the different avenues we can do for our masters...
That said, we did have Instructional Facilitators that covered a few schools each,,and they also helped manage questions like this..but they recently got cut out of a job! They actually go cut and told they will be offered classroom teaching jobs next year and no IF positions...from what I know that is a big pay cut!

I'd love to do PreK...but the pay is horrible in my district.
I have zero interest in admin
I've looked into Guidance and that is what I may be leaning towards, I only have 3yrs left to get my masters so I have to decide by the end of this summer what I'm taking..
I've had coworkers that go into school psychology, IT ,media specialists, reading specialists, and content and curriculum specialists....Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!! I hope more people chime in because it's a great way to get other options on the table.
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