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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but IME the only reason to put someone on an improvement plan is for documentation to get rid of them. If they really just wanted to help you with something, why would they waste their time filling out documentation forms? They'd just offer the help. Do you have any kind of tenure/non-probationary status? What is the process for non-renewals in your building/district? If I were put on a plan, I'd definitely be looking at other positions as soon as their posted for next school year. If you have any indication that you're going to be non-renewed, I'd resign first so you don't have to put it on applications. If you wait until you're officially told, resigning won't help as every application asks if you've resigned in lieu of non-renewal. But if you do it before being told anything officially, you can honestly answer "no" to that question.

That said, I would not quit right now. Many districts have penalties and that will be extremely difficult to explain to another district even if there is no penalty. If you need an exit plan, resign effective end of the year in January under the guise of wanting admin to have plenty of time to find the perfect replacement. They'll probably leave you alone if they know you're leaving, and you'll have a greater peace of mind. I did this when I was in an awful school and it was incredibly freeing. I closed my door and taught how I wanted to. What were they going to do, fire me? I had already quit! They also never stepped foot into my room after I'd given my resignation- I guess just figured it wasn't worth it.

As far as figuring out if you need to take any of these steps- you say you have a great relationship with admin, so why not ask them? I'd say something like, "I've been working hard on these steps for my plan and I feel like I've met the goals. What is the process for getting off of the plan?" Or if your relationship is that good, tell them how anxious it's making you feel and ask that since you've already implemented the steps, if there is any way you can continue to receive help without the formal plan. If they're firm on you staying on the plan, you can flat out ask "why" and ask for the specific steps you need to do to get off of it.

If they're not interested in helping you get off the plan (vague answers about steps you need to take, silly reasons they need the documentation), etc. I'd have a plan in place to leave. If they give you a set plan, set a date to review the plan by, jump through all the hoops, and see what happens by the date you set.
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