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I think Hayley had some good questions to ask yourself.

I have taught K-8 (not all at the same time), and for me it depends on the type of special ed you are teaching.

In a perfect world, I would do K-4 pull out resource only, but that really does not exist, even in my fairly large district. I really enjoy teaching middle school life skills right now.

Personally, I can only tolerate push in for K-2. Like PP said, those teachers are generally knowledgeable about working with different levels in one room.

In my area, 4th-6th teachers are increasingly subject-matter experts and it sometimes a steep learning curve to deal with all the levels.

Self-contained K-2 still has a lot of kids who may need special day classes eventually, but most students are on the same grade-level academically.

As you get into the intermediate grades, the academic gap widens.

You may start to get students who were successful in K-2 general ed and resource who now struggle with applying knowledge.

At all levels you will often get kids with behaviors who don't necessarily struggle with academics.
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