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One on one eighth grade behavior student
Old 06-16-2010, 04:54 PM
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I'm a 23 year old guy recently out of college and I recently got a job at a graded school as a para educator. I've already gotten a kidwho I will be assigned to. Its an eighth grade girl with bad ADHD and dyslexia. She has behavior problems and learning difficulties. I've been told she is not a brat, she just causes a lot of trouble and she's been through a lot of hard things. I've been told I can barely take my eyes off her or she will be causing trouble within a few seconds. I'm not really sure what kind of things she would do but I heard she is incredibly sneaky and may not know how to have fun without doing something bad. She stays in the regular classroom for academics, but is allowed to leave and take a break when she needs with someone. I'll be with her for homeroom and free time, all the classes, lunch, recess, and study hall which we will go to the special ed room for.
Like I said before, I can barely take my eyes off her so I wasn't told this specifically, I was told to judge it a little bit on if I think she needs supervision doing certain things certain days. Like if its not been a good day, I might decide to walk her out to the bus or whatever. I wanted to your ideas on how to judge that kind of stuff.
I was also looking for ideas on how to make sure not to judge her, how to help her behave better(I thought something like show her activities that she might like so she could do them more often and be more occupied), I would like advice on how to get to know her and what it will be like the first day and the first few days. What can I do in situations like when she has to go to the bathroom but I want to walk her there, that might be a little awkward, and other situations like during free times where the whole eighth grade is allowed to walk around the halls and different classrooms, how can I watch her but not be following her the whole time? and how can I watch her during lunch and recess?
She is a little aggressive but has not thrown anytihng that can hurt someone in school, and she has never badly hit someone or physically assaulted them. I don't know the correct words for how to describe what I know of her but I would say a little bit angry and aggressive(not insanely bad) but it is definetly there, very very hyper and impulsive, doesnt ever think about what she does, may be a little lost and doesnt know what she likes and doesn't know what to do. She is very hyper and very active.
And I am really looking forward to this.

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