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first year help
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Hi Jessica,
Welcome to the world of teaching. This will be my 13th year teaching 3rd grade and it is the best grade to have. I would suggest to take things as they come. If you try to plan everything out, it gets to be too overwhelming. I would try to plan out things two weeks at a time. Remember it is better to overplan than to underplan. Make sure you have a lot of activities to do the first day. Especially independant things. There tends to be a lot of papers that come into school and you need to look at them. Make sure the kids are kept occupied.

Also I think the most important thing you can do is to make sure to have a good classroom management/behavior system. I use a system of rewards and consequences. I have a place where each child has a cup. When they are caught being good they get a bingo chip in their cup. I set goals for the children where they earn certificates and prizes for different amounts. Thats for good behavior. For bad behavior I have a chart set up that has a library card holder for each of the children. Each child gets four cards -green blue yellow and red. Each child starts out the week on green. As the child does something wrong, they flip their card. Blue card means morning recess is lost, yellow is lunch outdoor recess is lost, red is a demerit and 5 demerits is an after school detention.

Really stay in contact with the parents. It helps a lot.
I hope this helped you.
Good luck!!!
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