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Joined: May 2012
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I teach a similar age group in a self-contained class. Around the same number too.

My students receive a lot of related services (OT, PT, speech, etc.) and my students are at varying stages in regards to inclusion or what they are are included in.

I have found it is more effective if I do most of my instruction 1:1 with either me or an aide. I may use the same or similar materials, but like you the goals and levels are just different enough to make traditional grouping not an effective option.

I keep an informal running total of how many direct instruction minutes the students get and that seems to satisfy any administrator or parent concerns.

It takes a lot of training on procedures for students and staff at first to make this work. Lots of binder systems, file folders, work tasks and technology (computers, tablets, iPads). But to me it is worth the effort.

As far as my direct instruction I do a lot of discrete trial training, guided reading/math interventions and traditional direct instruction programs broken up into smaller sessions (SRA, Wilson reading).

My aides work on teaching independence and generalization of tasks/concepts the students have worked on with me. That way anything the students work on independently has been mastered under adult guidance.

Every student has their own schedule and every adult in the room (including me the teacher) also has their own schedule. My room is based off the TEACCH model even though not all of my students have autism.
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