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Combating self-defeating talk/behavior
Old 04-01-2019, 02:05 PM
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I have a student who is constantly talking negatively about himself. He's a very needy student who wants almost constant attention from everyone around him.
In an effort to help him curb disruptive behaviors (blurting, interrupting, etc.) he was given a behavior chart to earn the reward of a game group at the end of the day.
He has to earn 45 points out of a possible 54 to earn his reward.
However, if he doesn't get all 3's (highest rating) in one class, he'll tear up the chart and throw it away. This morning, the specials teacher didn't fill out the chart, so the student threw away the chart. He had 4 more classes after that, and he could have easily earned the points.
He also constantly complains that work is too hard (he's near the top of the class), he doesn't "get it" (before he even tries), he's going to get it all wrong anyway, so why should he bother, etc.
This kind of stuff drives me nuts, because I know (in his case), it's simply attention-seeking. It's frustrating to me.

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