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Keep asking...
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Thanks for the invitation... keep asking--and listening. Administrators who are convinced they are doing the job right probably aren't. Much like a teacher sharing management of the classroom with the students, a good administrator shares the running of the school with the stakeholders.

I love administrators who are in the halls, on the playgrounds, in the cafeteria and in the classrooms and not constantly in the office with the door closed.

I love administrators who see their role as a leader more than an enforcer who manages behavior issues and runs from crisis to crisis.

I love administrators who understand connection--one reason they spend time in the places listed in the second paragraph. They smile a lot and rarely appear rattled.

I love administrators who attempt to be supportive, who ask a lot of questions like "How can I help you...?" and "What do you need from me to...?"

"Hate" is a pretty strong word... but I don't love administrators who don't do what I love!
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