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A person once explained what a good system looks like. Think of a pyramid--the student body is the wide bottom of it, teachers are in the middle, and principal is at the apex. Teachers are to be of service directly to the students and the principal to be in service to his/her teachers.

Also, my current principal does not think of the whole SYSTEM of the school--how does what one group of teachers do or don't do affect the rest of the team? Is each grade level helping prepare their students for the next grade level? Is Is there an opportunity for vertical alignment & conversations? What protocols can faciltate equitable conversations? Is the principal willing to be a part of courageous conversations? Does s/he create an equitable enivornment and recoginize highly effective teachers and help those that aren't with strategies and suggestions? I want a principal to be smart, kind, and humble. And to treat the teachers like we treat the students: help everyone grow and celebrate what's good and work hard to be equitable.
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