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As a special educator and case manager, I ensure that my students are getting the most appropriate education. Believe me, I KNOW how hard it is to get some reg. teachers to get on board. It's hard to work with them, and the worst, in my opinion, is those teachers who you like socially - as a person or at lunch or outside of school - but not as a teacher of your kids! That's so tough!

I think you should provide modified materials for this child. Find out what unit is coming next - go to team meetings, stop by before or after school, pick up a text book, etc. - and find or create materials that your child can do relating to the curriculum. After all, that's what he's there for, right? A few years ago, I created modified text for all scence and ss units. I used Writing With Symbols and paraphrased selected information from the text the teacher was using. Depending on the child's needs, you can make matching or fill-in activities, find coloring pages that are applicable, and check-out low-level books from the library. You might want to provide suggestions for general activities that can be used every chapter/topic for prereading, during, and after-reading activities. This is a good (sneaky) way to help the teacher address IEP objectives as well. For example:
Pre-Reading: Highlight all the sight words or topic words (provide 1 or 2 for him to find in the text); Look at the pictures and make a prediction. Tell a neighbor what you already know about "X".
During: Put a sticky note next to one thing you learned or next to the coolest illustration.
After: Draw a picture showing one thing you learned or copy one picture from the book. Complete a graphic orgnizer (that you have already taught how to use!)

I know it's hard and it can take a lot of time. In my experience, once teachers see what I've created, they're pleased to have a means to include the child in the class, and they eventually came to do some modifications on their own. One teacher limited the vocab to include only 5 most important terms by just adapting the WS she made for the whole class. Another started checking-out thematic books from the library for ALL students each unit (she'd just never though to do that!). It's great when it works out positively for the child and for the teachers!!

Hope these ideas help you out! Best of luck!
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