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How about
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over and under relay using a roll of toilet paper instead of balls. It has to unwind, but not break as it goes down the line?
Being a waiter(ress). Get some of the cardboard pieces from under pizza, wrap it with foil so it doesn't disintegrate, put three or 4 plastic cups of water on it and they have to go from point a to point b and back. In each heat, the winner is the one with the most water left. Oh! they have to carry it with one hand underneath it and hold it above their head.
Three legged race, but instead of tying their legs together, use feed sacks.
Old clothes relay - first person has to run to a pile of clothes and put them on over their clothes (be sure to get large sizes so no one will be left out - length is not important), then run back to the starting point, take off clothes and next person has to put them on, go to point b and take them off, then run back and tag next person, etc. You have to decide if they can help each other or not.
Roll a ball from point a to point b using a stick or bat.
A good, hard one is to give each team the same set of equipment (pieces of cardboard or boxes, jump ropes, lengths of board, whatever else you decide you want to use) and they have to get everyone on the team from point a to point b without anyone stepping on the ground. If someone touches the ground, they have to start over. It's a real challenge and some of the students get very creative - putting someone in the box and pulling them with the rope or whatever. You can probably figure this one out pretty easily.
Shoe box race - you have to have a lot of shoe boxes (the bigger the better). We went to a shoe store and got a bunch. Students have to put each foot in a shoe box and go from point a to point b. Got some good laughs!
Forgot the rest, but maybe there's an idea somewhere in here that you can use.
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