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Clip to ScrapBook #4

a couple more.
Box stack - use shoe boxes or whatever. First person runs down and stacks the boxes. If they fall before (s)he gets back to the starting point (s)he has to go back and restack. Second person has to go and unstack (can't just knowck them down). Could use cups if there's not much wind or if you are indoors.
Use a broom to sweep a golf ball from a to b and back.
Keep a balloon in the air with a stick or paper tube for a) set amount of time or b) while moving from one place to another.
Run while balancing a ball on a ping pon paddle or on the convex side of a frisbee.
Balance a tennis ball on a spoon while running.
Trash Sack Throw - fill trash sacks (you choose size) with newpapers and have students compete to see who can throw the furthest. You can set rules for overhand, underhand, wind up, no wind up, etc.
Balloon pop - each student in line gets a balloon. On "go" teams race against each other to point a, sit, fall, stomp (you could outlaw that one) on the balloon until it breaks, get up and go back and tag the next person. If you use helium balloons filled with regular air, they are harder to pop.
Will be glad to furnish more details if you need them, but you can probably figure most of them out.
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