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First year "Humanities" teacher
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I was an above-average student who was always organize and was a perfectionist when it came to schoolwork. These habits that I cultivated in my student-life has transferred over to my professional-life. Throughout my professional-life, I have worked in non-profit organizations and tutored students (enrichment and remedial). During my student teaching, I received a near perfect review by my observers and learned a great deal about teaching on the fly from my mentor. I learned more about my content and fine-tuned my teaching abilities and class management skills since student teaching.

But this field is not very friendly or supportive towards new teachers it seems.

I feel like I've been sold a bill of goods that on paper seemed like a great opportunity but may have destroyed my love of teaching for good. Last year, I had to fight tooth and nail against a hostile administration and learned about my UFT rights faster than any first-year teacher should know.

This year, I was accepted into a highly selective group of applicants and got to choose which principal I wanted to work for, it was refreshing. I interviewed a few schools here and there but there was one principal that stuck out to me because how charismatic he was at the job fair. I knew from the beginning it sounded like the school was in deep water and needed more experienced teachers but it seemed that the principal was willing to teach me the ropes with the help of the literacy and ELA coaches.

On the first day of school, I received a skeleton scope and sequence and found out I had to teach a three-period block with seventh graders.

September came and went and suddenly I'm smacked with, "You're best is not good enough. You have low standards for these students. I'm not giving you a month to fix this problem."

These students that I have been working with are the roughest of the roughest. But I wanted to work with them and try other methods instead of intimidation and coercion.

Of course, my methods are slower than said desired weapons of choice.

So, here I am. Take two of my teaching journey and it looks like this is the end of the road.

Perhaps, teaching is not right for me.

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Teaching is tough
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Teaching is a very hard job. I have taught 32 years and have many poor principals. I have had two excellent ones. I too have been slapped with a different grade or grades just before school begins. We are expected to alter teaching or assessment practices year after year. What do people do when this becomes too much to handle? They get their masters and become principals! (I have one too by the way) You have excellent credentials. Keep working in the best possible way for your students and yourself. Limit your out of school prep times... you are not getting paid. Enjoy your friends and don't worry too much. Ask for the Principal to remain in your room to observe his students. Ask him to teach a lesson for you to observe. If teaching is not for you, then research other jobs that pay more while you are employed. After two or three years, try an overseas job. They are vastly different.
Remember, this is a job NOT a life calling. Enjoy it, love going to work or leave it behind. Your health, relationships and family are more important. I find teaching a rewarding challenge and generally enjoy each day... but my children make more money than I do and love their jobs too.
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