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4/5 Year Old Boys Behavior
Old 02-12-2012, 09:12 AM
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I need some advice. I teach in a state funded pre-k (in a childcare center) that has a main focus of "redirect, redirect, redirect" when it comes to behavior issues. I have 3 boys in my room that I seem to be incapable of "redirecting" almost daily.

Boy A- turned 5 in November; He has had ongoing anger management issues since day 1 of pre-k. He displays very typical boy behavior (pushing, tackling, etc.) throughout the day; however, what concerns me is his inabilty to stop when he is redirected. For example, last week he punched 3 seperate boys in their private parts within the first 2 hours of the day. One of the boys was hit so hard that he threw up! On Friday, he slapped another boy in the face hard enough to leave a hand print! Mom seems indifferent to hrlping solve the problem. I have scheduled 3 PT conferences and she has cancelled or no-showed each one. I requested another conference for the upcoming week.

I have tried removing him from the area- doesn't work... he just keeps exhibiting the behaviors with other students around him. I have seperated him from the entire group (frowned upon by who runs our program, but I had no other option!) and he occassionally continues doing similar behaviors to himself. I offer his choices- 1. Stop said behavior or 2. leave activity and he has shown the ability to redirect after choosing #1, but it is not consistent.

I don't know what else to do!

Boy B- He is 4; Hispanic; Speaks English well and comprehends well in most cases. His overall issue is simply mean behavior- he calls people names, spits on them, is constantly pushing, hitting (sneaky hits with his elbows at the table), pinching, etc. He plays with one particular girl most days and I loving call them my old married couple because they definetly fight like one! On Thursday, we were getting ready to line up for recess when he tripped the girl on purpose. I had been observing him because of some arguing they had been engaging in earlier in the day and witnessed him watch her walk to the line. As she was getting ready to pass him, he stuck his foot out and tripped her. Thankfully, she was not injured.

Later during recess, I was observing them interacting with each other and could see that they were once again arguing in Spanish over something. I was standing near the stairs (3 steps) by our sidewalk when she stomped over to (I assume) tattle on him for whatever was being said. He ran up behind her as she was taking the first step and pushed her forcefully from behind. If I had not been standing thaere, she would have landed face-forst on the concrete and gotten who-knows what kind of injuries!

I have been working with him since we came back from Winter Break (these behaviors weren't as bad prior to break) and set him up on a behavior chart, which I reviewed with mom and my student. Mom says she is doing the same at home and it is not working.

Boy C- I think I am simply shocked to see the attitude he has at age 5 (turned 5 in November). He has been mocking/mimicking everyone in the room (myself and my assistant included), is constantly picking on other kids (takes toys even if he's not in the center, etc.) and interrupts everyone and laughs because he thinks it's funny!

I guess I just need some advice from anyone with any experience dealing with these types of behaviors. I am a 1st year pre-k teacher and I'm ready to pull my hair out! I have little to no support from my Director and the parents. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not typical
Old 02-16-2012, 01:11 PM
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Sorry, none of these behaviors are typical because they are boys. They are symptoms of other things goin on in thier life jmho. Things you cannot control as it is happening at home.

I think you need a very clear behavior plan which is posted for the kids to see. Have them help you make the rules they want - make sure it includes no touching, no name calling, and no arguing. Have them cut out photos from catalogs and put on a poster to represent each rule they make for themselves.

The day needs to be very scheduled and strict as far as transition times and activities. There shoudl not be very much free time for this group as they cannot handle it and the focus should be learning. If free time is set up I suggest perhaps making learning centers and splitting everyone into groups of 2 or 4. If these students cannot follow the class rules they sit out of center time and do independent work at a table alone. Same with recess - if they cannot behave they will ahve to sit out alone.

If there are any fights that get physical all parties involved need to be sent to the director. If there are injuries make sure that the proper paperwork is submitted, keep a copy for yourself at home to protect yourself. If you are the one who has to deal with parents work with admin to make it clear that if students physically harm they will be dismissed - surely there is some policy for such. Make sure children who are injured have their parents called as well - sometimes it takes the victims complaining to get a director or P to make something happen with teh naughty kids.

Behavior chart and reviewing with the student every day how they did - giving praise when they deserve it is key - is great. However, do not focus so much on what mom is doing at home. Explaining consistency is key and giving them resources is awesome but ultimately kids are able to adapt their behavior for the environment.

Redirecting is fine - but it has to be done before anythign happens. Once something happens it is time for a consequence. I also suggest you do quite a bit of reading on behavior techniques and consider your personality and setting when trying one. And whatever you chose to do you have to be consistent and stick with it. Before the kids get better they will test the new rules and you to see if you will break so you have to weather through whent hey up their bad behavior - it will work just be consistent, never yell b/c you are frustrated and enforce the rules and mgmt plan you set out to have.
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