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Joined: Mar 2008
Posts: 24
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Spelling Ideas
Old 09-04-2009, 09:45 AM
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I have a great way to take some of the pain out of spelling homework- it's not my idea- I borrowed it from a collegue, but my gifted kids love it! At the beginning of the year, I give them a list of 24 options for Spelling Homework. My only requirement is that they don't do the same thing twice in a week- if they write sentences on Monday, they can't do it again for the rest of the week. Gifted kids get so bored so easily doing the same thing over and over, that this gives them some freedom to choose what they want to do for homework. Feel free to modify these options to fit your classroom! :-)

1. Alphabetize the words.
2. Write the words and circle all the vowels.
3. Write the words and circle all the consonants.
4. Write the words NEATLY in pen.
5. Make a set of flashcards for studying your words.
6. Write each word and it's definition.
7. Make a word web for 5 of your words.
8. Write sentences correctly using all of your words.
9. Write 10 words and a synonym for each word.
10. Write 10 words and an antonym for each word.
11. Add prefixes or suffixes to each word.
12. Classify the words according to parts of speech.
13. Write tongue twisters for all the words.
14. Cut the words out of magazines and/or newspapers and make a collage.
15. Write a story using all of the words.
16. Write newspaper headlines using all of your words.
17. Write all your words in a medium other than pen.
18 Type all spelling words two times each.
19. ABC order with the last letter.
20. Write a poem with all the words.
21. Write 5 super sentences correctly using 4 different words per sentence.
22. Write the words and place slashes between the syllables.
23. Make a book for 16 of your words.
24. Write all words neatly in Cursive.

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