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Alta Rose Alta Rose is offline
Joined: Aug 2006
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Alta Rose
Joined: Aug 2006
Posts: 74
Junior Member
Postcard Exchange
Old 07-19-2015, 02:18 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

Are you interested in being part of the Canadian postcard
exchange for the 2015 / 16 school year? Here's how it
You send me an email with the following information:
The way you want your postcards' addressed (ie. Mrs. Smith's
Your school address
The email address that you would like me to use, if it is different from the one you are currently using.
As soon as I get that, I will respond with an email that
says you're on the list. Now, you have all kinds of time to
change your mind: Right up until the long weekend in
September, actually. Many teachers need a day or two at the
end of August / Beginning of September to check with their
administration to see if they can get the funds required
for postcards and stamps.
During the September long weekend, I will send an email to
everyone, assigning you the week to send out your
postcards. You send one postcard, with info about your
community, to each of the participating classes. (There are
usually about 40-50.) I will go first, and if you have a
specific month that you'd like to send yours out, just
specify it. Most teachers write their messages with the
help of their students, or have individual students write
That's pretty well it! Depending on the number of
participants, we usually get 1-2 postcards per week.
This really is a great way to teach about different
Canadian communities. The kids love to get the postcards! I
play a little game with my students. I tell them the name
of the community and they see if they can guess which
province it comes from. It's a great way to teach the names
of the provinces!
So, if you're interested, please send me the info in the
format below.

Mrs. Smith's class, Public Elementary School,
1234 Main Street.
Wonderful Community, AB (Just include your email if you want me to use one that is different from the one you are using to email me.)

My email is
When you email me, make sure
you put Postcard Exchange in the subject line, or I will
send it to junk. I will always respond to the email to confirm that I received it. If you donít hear from me within a week, please send me another email.

I hope to have you aboard!

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BrenTeach BrenTeach is offline
Joined: Sep 2011
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Joined: Sep 2011
Posts: 2
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Postcard Exchange
Old 08-05-2015, 10:37 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

I would like my class to participate in the postcard exchange. This will really fit well with grade 1 social studies outcomes.
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greenlama greenlama is offline
Joined: Jun 2010
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Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 2
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Postcard Exchange...
Old 10-25-2015, 12:43 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

Am I too late? I have just re-discovered this site and am very interested in the postcard exchange.
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