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Where does the time go?


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Where does the time go?
Old 01-06-2010, 03:38 PM

I'm always amazed how much time can elapse before I come here to blog. Last time I was here, it was sunny and probably about 90 degrees. Today, it's snowing and the temperature is supposed to dip down to 7 degrees. It's supposed to be 2 degrees on Friday, and that's the high!!! The low will be -10 degrees!!!

Our Christmas break was over on Monday, the 4th when teachers went in for a workday. The students were scheduled to return on Tuesday the 5th, but school was canceled due to road conditions and frigid temperatures.

So this is how it stands:
Tuesday no school
Wednesday no school
Thursday already canceled
Friday no hope of returning to class

Every time a long break comes to an end, I always think if I just had one more day off I'm sure I could be ready! Well, here I am with one more day and one more day and maybe even another one more day and the weekend days off, too!

Okay, so we're having a l-o-n-g extended winter break. What am I doing with these extra days off? I worked in my classroom yesterday trying to carve out a space for a reading/writing conference table. I'm always struggling with finding more space or finding ways to use the space I have more effectively.

Today, I'm working on lesson plans. That includes putting the final touches on a couple of literature units I'm wanting to begin as soon as we return to school. I've been doing Daily 5 and CAFE this year. Since I loop and trained my kids last year to sustain reading, we were off to a good start right away. Now, I'm itchin' to start up some good, old-fashioned guided reading/discussion groups. I am trying to make sure I cover all the basal stuff in these groups.

I worked hard over summer integrating my basal stuff with Daily 5 with CAFE!!!! (Yes, I plan to make that "yuck face " every time I say that b_ _ _l word.) I found out I can leave off the b_ _ _l stories as long as I make sure I cover the b_ _ _l strategies/skills in other ways -- mini-lessons, small groups, individual conferences, etc.

With all the extra time I find on my hands this week, I hope to have everything fine tuned and ready to go by Monday. If I can't do it with all these days off, I'll never do it!

I'm thinking this is a "put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is" kind of test.
Someone has given me this gift of time, so . . . I guess I'd better sign off for now and hit the books!!!!

Later . . . but sooner than you might think!
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