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If you thought that last one was incredible -


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If you thought that last one was incredible -
Old 02-10-2010, 05:26 PM

If you thought that last ARE YOU KIDDING ME tale was too incredible, just read on.
You are never going to believe what happened to me the last couple of days!

Tuesday was incredibly busy -- grades/midterms/meetings. I tried to get on PT several times but didn't ever have enough time to read or respond to anything. So frustrating!!!! I was into major withdrawal by the time school was out. I couldn't wait to get home and get online. I packed up my laptop, jumped in my little Jeep, and headed home.

I went straight to my office without taking off my coat or even going to the bathroom. I unpacked my laptop, started hooking up wires and plugging in . . .

I knew the battery had to be low because I'd used the laptop without the cord when the DARE officer was teaching my kids.

I thought, Quick! Seize the moment! Get online! Go to PT! Find out what's going on! Start to type to my friends . . . WHAT? . . .

Right before my very eyes, my computer died -- well not completely. It did come back up long enough to tell me that my battery was dangerously low and I should plug in my power cord immediately -- duh??

Okay, I thought the, Fates have spoken. Turn off the computer and go get some work done. So . . . I took the remote with me, went to my room, and went to bed for the night!!!!!!!!

Now time marches on, and it's Wednesday. I get up really early so I can get to school in time to check PT before school starts.

Hey, I got there in plenty of time, turned on my desktop computer, got on PT, read some messages, started to typing a wonderfully profound PM, clicked on Send . . .
. . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME? . . .
My computer stalled (or something) and up popped a message that said, Your message cannot be sent because the server (or something) is too busy (or something).

Who in the world ever heard of such a thing?
What have I done to offend the Fates?

I tried to send a PM again while my students were in PE. I typed another wonderfully profound PM -- almost finished -- just one or two more sentences -- you're going to make it -- okay, okay, okay -- you can do it -- Yikes! -- got to go get the kids! -- quick, just copy the message to send later -- done -- whew!

More time marched on. Now I'm home. I was getting ready to simply paste in my profound PM and . . . WHAT? . . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I copied the PM on the desktop at school, and of course I'm here at home with my laptop!!!!!

(Pardon me for a moment please. I'm going to throw myself down on the floor, kick my feet, and bawl. Waaaaaaaaaaaa!)

After 2 days and 3 tries, I finally got the PM sent. I'm sure the profoundness of it has been lost somewhere in the translation, but it has been sent!

I solemnly swear that every word of this account is true!
Just remember, fact is stranger than fiction.

Later (if the Fates will allow it),

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Readin' + Writin' + 'Rithmetic + So Much More

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