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Daily 5/CAFE Success!


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Daily 5/CAFE Success!
Old 02-12-2010, 05:24 PM

In the Beginning:
Last summer a group of teachers in our school started a Daily 5 study group, and I've spent many hours gleaning tons of information, recommendations, and advice from experts here on ProTeacher. I frequented the Peony Room where I learned about The CAFE Book which I bought and studied along with The Daily 5.

Recently I joined the Daily 5 and CAFE Group and the Upper Elementary Daily 5/CAFE Group. I'm like a sponge soaking up everything I can to help me implement D5/CAFE with my 5th grade students. It's been quite a journey since August -- adjusting D5/CAFE to meet the unique needs of 5th graders (adjusting to my teaching style as well!).

As a looping teacher, I had these same students in 4th grade. I knew they'd be a great group to "practice" on, but I also knew they'd be honest with me if they didn't like the changes I was making. We -- teacher and students -- have had a great time experimenting with the components of Daily 5 and the strategies of CAFE.

Last week I administered the spring round of DRA's with 15 of my students. Today, I worked with a group of teachers and our Literacy coach to score our assessments. It was so exciting to see how much my students had improved! They all went up at least one level in fluency and almost all passed comprehension at an independent level! Iespecially appreciate the fact that other teachers, our coach, and I graded together. Knowing that a team agreed on the scoring helped me know my emotions did not play a part in the outcomes. It was a happy day!!!!

In the End:
Here's my question: Do I think Daily 5/CAFE made the difference with my students?
Here's my answer: I don't know!
It could be all the time I spent studying and learning from our Literacy Coach and from all you wonderfully knowledgeable ProTeachers caused the jump in achievement. Maybe just taking the time to renew myself by reading, studying, and collaborating would have yielded similar success no matter what book I'd read and studied.

I guess there is no real way to know for sure, but for now, I am totally invested in implementing Daily 5/CAFE with my brand new 4th graders next year. I will continue to experiment with my "old" 5th graders this year. I will continue to ask questions, seek advice, use resources, and try ideas that I've learned in the past and will learn in the future from you awesome people here on ProTeacher.

I've said it before, but I want to say it again.


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Old 02-16-2010, 06:45 AM

That is so promising! What I have found as a HUGE success this year is... The volume of reading that is happening. My 4th graders are finishing books, recommending them to each other, and they simply LOVE to read. They sigh and try to stop the chime from sounding to signal the end of Read to Self. They love to read, so that to me is the best gift teachers can give their students. I also love how they know the strategies, can discuss them, and I have one thing that I discuss with them at their conferences.
It has been a successful year implementing parts and I also look forward to working this summer to implement more parts and revise.
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Readin' + Writin' + 'Rithmetic + So Much More

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