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Is It Just Me?


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Is It Just Me?
Old 02-21-2010, 08:39 AM

Is it just me, or is this just the weirdest winter ever?

I'm sitting here at my daughter's house (about 25 mi. north of where I live). I came yesterday afternoon, and decided to spend the night because the weather was getting so bad. Since then, it has rained, snowed, sleeted, and now raining again. Their tree branches are coated with ice and gusting winds are beginning to bring down some branches -- some pretty good sized ones! Yikes!

I think it's way worse here than it is down the highway to my town, and I'm 95% sure their schools will be canceled tomorrow. I keep checking, zooming in on the radar for their town then my town. I'm wondering if our school will be canceled. Of course, my school canceled would me I could avoid going out in the icy weather which scares me nearly to death. Seriously. I had ablack-ice-spin-your-Jeep-around-three-or-four-times-go-off-into-a-ditch-flip-your-Jeep-upside-down-in-a-snow-bank incident about five years which makes me want to drive 10 mph anytime I see snowflakes or shiny pavement!

Here's the dilemna!
Do I brave the elements, risk my life, and the life of my sweet Jeep to go home?
OR . . . Do I wait to see if my school will cancel classes?
OR . . . Do I go ahead and call my principal to request a sub for Monday?

Decisions. Decisions. Go? Stay? Call the principal? Wait and see?
More days missed before TESTING? Ahhhhhhhhh!

The stress is just too much! I think I'll just go get my Snuggie and my granddaughter, snuggle up together on the couch, and let the FATES decide.

Everyone knows you can't fight the FATES!

Later . . .

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Old 02-21-2010, 09:05 AM

I vote for staying put and being all snuggie with your granddaughter!
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