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Charlie the mailman!


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Joined: Apr 2016
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Charlie the mailman!
Old 12-12-2018, 11:16 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

From the 4th Grade AIMSweb testing. There's a passage about a mailman named Charlie, and he gets his hand stuck in a man-eating mailbox.
I wish someone would finish the story. After all these years, I still don't know what happened to poor Charlie the Mailman!

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Joined: Apr 2009
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Charlie the Mailman
Old 12-17-2018, 01:02 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

I feel your pain! There are three of us that are working on doing DIBELS testing for the entire school. I can't stand not knowing how the stories end! I found your mailman story by means of Google! :-D

Charlie Clark had been a mailman for thirty years. He was used to 13
delivering mail in all types of weather. He’d delivered letters on 24
delightful days, and he’d delivered letters on dreadful days. 33
Charlie was proud of his work and happy with his job. Never, in all 47
his years as a mailman, had Charlie ever had a problem with a mailbox. 61
Other mailman complained about mailboxes on their routes, but not 71
Charlie. 72
He didn’t have any worries until one day when he noticed there was 85
a new box on his route. The mailbox was nailed to a branch of a dead 101
tree. It was battered, dented, and badly rusted. The flag at its side was 115
crooked and bent. 118
Charlie felt bad about it. “People should treat their mailboxes with 129
more respect,” he muttered as he dug through his bag. 139
He had letters addressed to the box, so he pulled it open and set 153
them inside. He was about to pull his hand out when the box bit him. It 169
had a grip on his hand and wouldn’t let go. 179
Charlie looked up and down the street for someone to help him, but 192
there was no one in sight. He wrestled with the box for an hour, until the 208
box spit out his hand. 213
The next day he had more letters addressed to that box. With the 226
letters in hand, he stopped in front of it. He waited for something to 241
happen, but the box was quiet today. 248
Charlie quickly slipped the letters inside and almost got his hand out 260
before the box latched onto him again. 267
This time Charlie and the mailbox had a fierce battle. Charlie hit 279
and kicked the box, but still the box wouldn’t let go. Finally, Charlie was 293
out of breath, and he had to stop. He rested his head on the mailbox. 308
Suddenly, he had an idea. “There, there,” he told the mailbox, 319
Patting it gently. “Why don’t you let me go so I can deliver the rest of my 336
mail?” 337
The mailbox began to purr and let go nicely. 347
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