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Need help planning/organizing PLEASE!


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Joined: Aug 2010
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Need help planning/organizing PLEASE!
Old 07-13-2011, 06:42 AM
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This will be my second year teaching third and I am excited!!! 3rd is great. But, I'm making lots of changes/improvements this year and I need help tying it all together. Here are the components that I'm trying to schedule into each day, or every other day for certain ones:

-Vocabulary Words
-Sight Words
-Spelling Words

What I'd like to hear are your ideas about how you manage each component of Language Arts. For example, for Vocabulary:

Monday - Introduce the words, kids make inferences about word meanings using a reading passage/article
Tuesday - Confirm/revise word definition predictions
Wednesday - review game
Thursday - test

I only spend about 20 minutes each day on those tasks. Now, for sight words, I'll spend a day introducing the words using chants, then have follow-up activities, then a short test to see how well they can read the words at first sight. What are some ideas for sight word activities?

Next, FLUENCY - I plan on distributing a poem each Monday then testing the kids on Friday to see how well they can read it without errors. I'll give them time to practice with a buddy too, during the week.

Spelling - I give out the list of words on Friday and the kids are completely responsible for learning how to spell them. I don't spend class time on Spelling, but maybe I should? It's just hard to squeeze in sometimes, and for the most part, I haven't had a problem. I send home the list of words along with a packet of activities they can choose from, they submit their work and prepare to take the test the following Friday. This has worked well!

Writing - I am a total loss for how to organize a good writing system. I've found that they really need help with basic skills of sentence structure and punctuation before we even begin paragraphs. So I'm going to try really hard to break it down little by little this year.

Reading - I need ideas on how to assess their comprehension! After you read the main selection in the reading book, what do you have the kids do so that you can assess them? Comprehension questions? What else?

Grammar - no more than about 20 minutes per day...

Thanks so much, sorry this got so long

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Joined: Jun 2011
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Old 07-13-2011, 08:20 AM
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Think about you. You will get lots of advice, but must look at the kind of teacher/person you are. I agree with whoever said that first impression and well thought out is better along with organized is BEST. If your ideas are researched based, it is hard to be criticized.

Stop, get access to a good color printer and a computer.

Things that you acquire need to be researched based: is a great reading website that breaks down reading and provides great free resources to have as activities for centers and accomodates different levels of readers.

Great Read Alouds: The Ghost of Fossil Glenn by Cynthia DeFelice, Tales of a 4th grade Nothing, The Lemonade War, The Leanin' Dog, The Gadget War, Texas Bluebonnet Award Books too.

White Boards: You can go to the Home Depot and buy the sheet of melamine for $20.00 and they will cut it for you. Way more economical.

Mary Alice Hatchett website has many of the latest researched based ideas and printables(free) for Math. Scroll all the way down for 20 sheets of problem solving

Class Library: You will have students who read 1st on up through 4th+. A big Idea in third grade is genre and the difference between fiction and nonfiction books. I work off of the honor system. Some people do logs/check out systems.....etc. Its up to You. Also How will you organize them. I color code them with colored dots. When I get too many of one author, I make a author box for them. Non-fiction is a red dot/content labeled. Some people do DRA levels/picture/content based stuff.

Half priced Books, Thrift Stores, Scholastic Class Book Orders that Sswill order are good ways to get books. Your school probably has a Leveled Book Library to help.

Find a Dollar Store and stock up on Teacher/school type stationary, dice or foam dice, checkers, playing cards--for math

Science:AIMS is a great resource. Find out what materials are available and then supplement through Dollar Store.

Great third grade resource is Beth for great visuals to print and laminate.
This is great for researched based word study ideas, reading and third grade.

Another great resource is I like the Daily Essential Math Activities. It is good to have ready for centers etc. In Math you want a good mix of a global perspective and a more computational perspective so that kids develop great number sense.

Lastly, think outside the box for free organization tools. Cereal boxes are great for keeping individual books per student. Your bookkeeper could probably order skill boxes for you. Will you have a binder or a folder to go home and back to school? Also, Will you do community supplies or will each child keep their own? Things to consider. Invest in a good pencil sharpener that you use (not kids). Also, the hand held individuals are good too.

Hope this is helpful. Waterfall1
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Third Grade
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