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Literacy Center Management Board
Old 07-05-2006, 12:30 PM
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I am going to be a second year teacher in second grade. I
did not implement literacy centers as a first year teacher
because the task seemed very overwhelming for me. I have
read Debbie Diller's Literacy Workstations book and I want
to implement the centers, but the book did not explain much
about the management board (lets kids know where they are
going and when). I plan to have three reading groups,
but I just cannot wrap my mind around a suitable way to rotate
the kids. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways they
have created a system of rotation and how their management
board works? I want to have this completely figured out
before AUgust 30th! I don't know why it seems so chaotic to
me. Thanks!

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Center management
Old 07-07-2006, 12:01 PM
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I feel your anguish...I have never used a rotation system. I teach 3rd, but I've opted for rotation during workshop this year. I'm going to use a wheel with four different colors. Each student will have a magnetic name tag and I'll place these beside the color I want them to begin at. During each rotation, I'll have my "wheel turner" rotate the wheel, maybe clockwise, maybe counterclockwise (as a teaching tool, each day we'll talk about whether it's a counterclockwise day or clockwise day). The students will transition to the next station or "task." I can tell you I have run a successful workshop, but I still had some problems with students accomplishing too much too fast, so I have decided to make smaller tasks that the students should clearly be spending the entire 15 minutes on...that way I can run my guided reading groups optimally. Of course, the real key to this is not just the management, but how you present and model it for the students. You will probably need 4-6 weeks before they can transition smoothly and you can begin your guided reading groups.
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center management...repost
Old 07-27-2006, 02:16 PM
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I posted this on another thread, so I just copied and pasted, sorry for the repeaHi- I teach 4th grade. I've used centers for years and have always implemented them in the same way. My centers are ability grouped, but I change students as needed. I always rotate partners after a month or so. This way students don't get too comfortable with their partners and it fosters new friendships.

I have 3 groups that I see each day (about 8 students in a group). While I am working with a group in guided reading, another group is working on an in class book project which I do monthly. The last group goes to learning centers. I do a 4-day rotation (Mon.-Thurs.) Within each group, students have a partner to work with. Each day they go to a different center, so by the end of the week they have been to all 4centers. Usually, one is always the computer and another is a listening center of the story from the basal. The other 2 are dependant upon what skills need work or theme.

I manage this by using a pocket chart. Each student decorates an index card with their name on it the first day of school. I separate the students into 3 groups. Along the top of the chart going horizonally, I have 3 cards one named GR, Indep. Work and centers.

Going vertically along the left side of the chart, I have the numbers 1-4. At the end of each rotation, I change the cards at the top (gr, iw and centers) and each day I move the numbers down. I hope this makes sense.

ex..... GR Book Projects Centers
1(computers) Joe
2(listening) Jen

3(theme) Van
4 (theme) Jack

Every Monday, I go over what to do at each center, plus, there are direction sheets in which the students need to read and follow.
At each center there is a basket that the children place completed work in and at the end of each day, I check off on a clipboard who turned it in. The rotations usually last about 30 minutes, so sometimes, I let students take it home to finish.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck...Amyt, but hope this will help you
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Background Group
Old 07-03-2009, 04:35 AM
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Our district has everyone following this new procedure:

We use 90 minutes of reading with 20 min for each group and 30 more minutes in whole group with the text book...

The class is organized into 5 groups (even if some groups are on the same level).
While you are reading with one group of about 5, there is something nearby called a background group. Students in this group will complete activities related to the week's objective by completing task cards like Diller talks about. They sit in assigned spots on the floor, somewhere near you with a rotating group leader.

The rest of the students are doing their centers or stations (or whatever we call it), hopefully with task cards since making new stuff all the time can be super annoying.

This organizational format requires some work, but almost half the class is working somewhere near you and the other half are working on centers. Which certainly equals more peace while sharpening skills during this very busy time...

We all received this book: Guided Reading Management-Structure and Organization for the Classroom by Patricia Pavelka

I hope that helps!! =)
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