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Gingerbread Man scavenger hunt
Old 08-07-2009, 04:01 AM
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On Tuesday, my school has invited students that our brand new (ie. all kindergartners, any child that didn't attend last year, etc.) to our school to attend for a 1/2 day. We are expected to give them a tour of the school, teach some procedures, and generally just get them acclimated to our school.
Well, when it comes to giving these students a tour, I have thought about using a Gingerbread Man scavenger hunt which I've heard other teacher have done. I was planning on reading them the story and then having them go search for him around the school. As we did so students would find special clues in different parts of the building that would lead them all around and eventually back to the classroom where he was "hiding" and then we'd enjoy eating "him" (cookies) together. It sounds like a lot of fun but my ? for you is: Does anybody have a set of "clues" that they already use and would be willing to share? Obviously I'd have to tweak them for our students, but I'd like to get a general template for it. Thanks in advance!

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I do a Bear Hunt...
Old 08-07-2009, 08:59 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

I can give you the clues that I use... I don't have them on a template anymore for you but I will write them out here for you so hopefully it helps.

This is a small room with a large fridge, lots of construction paper and this is where you get your milk. (Milk room/art room)

Work, Work, Work! Lots of rooms, lots of phones, lots of adults, but not many kids. (Office)

This room is filled with shoes of all sorts. (K-1 bootroom)

Password? Headphones? Keyboards? Wow! Do you know where I am? (Computer room)

Play, Play, Play! A large room with lots of balls, room to run and Fun Fun Fun!! (gym)

A great room for singing and dancing and look at all the cool drums! (Music room)

Books, Books, Books! So many books that look great to read and see. Read, Read, Read!

You're still on a bear hunt! Come and find me in the outdoor classroom where the trees and flowers grow! (we have an outside garden with benches and stuff)

Check out the washrooms on your way back to the classroom. I hope you had fun and know a little about your school.
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