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Laura A

Laura A
Help needed for Health bulletin board
Old 09-16-2006, 07:13 PM
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I am an Apprentice student looking to do a bulletin board on a health related topic for my 2nd grade class. I don't want to do the typical food pyramid and am trying to be creative. I would love the children to help me create something for it but want a catchy phrase and fun bulletin board. Have no ideas.

Do you?

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ms. thomas

ms. thomas
bulletin board ideas
Old 08-21-2009, 08:06 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

i know your pain, or should i say i remember you pain.

here are a few ideas that might help you:

Jan: Winter wellness: made a penguin and made snowballs that stated, get your annual flu shot, get plenty of rest, take a multivitamin daily, wash your hands often, etc...

December: Healthy Holidays: made the food pyramid into a christmas tree. i used garland to divide each food group. made ornaments (circles) and labled them, protein, fruits, veggies, sweets and grain. i made smaller ornaments and labled them fish, nuts, poultry, et... it was cute.

March: i made a cloud and a rainbow w/a black pot at the end of it and instead of gold in the pot i put foods for each color of the rainbow. I bought a sun too. I titled it color me healthy.

Oct. Bootiful Bones - bought skeletons and wrote things like drink milk everyday, excersice to keep us strong, wear protective gear when riding a bike or skateboard, etc...

Oct. Say Boo to the Flu-make ghosts and make them say things that would help prevent the flu.

Nov/Oct. Hearing bulletin board: Take Care of Your Ears, make a corn field and ears of corn, each ear of corn can state things like, never stick anything in your ears, wear earplugs, etc... i bought a scarecrow and some crows and stapled them around randomly. i can send a pic if you want.

Aug. I made a great big school bus and stated school bus safety on the bottom of it. i can send a pic of that too.

Sept. I bushel of good health/handwashing. i plan on making a tree and a bushel and buying some apples and a squirrle and writing on each apple handwashing tips or tips for a healthy classroom.

hope they help you!!
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Stacie G

Stacie G
PK - 12 School Nurse
Old 11-30-2010, 09:15 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

Some bulletin board ideas I've used in the past (wish I'd taken pictures now):

*Get your beauty sleep!*
Explained the health benefits/importance of sleep along with tips for helping get to sleep/a better night's sleep. Used a large picture of Sleeping Beauty (asleep) and the three good fairies(our Elementary was doing a Fairy Tale/Nursery Rhymes theme for Open House.) Also, put the tips/wording on paper with rolled ends to look like a scroll (colored with brown chalk to age it) to go in with the medieval theme.

*Got Breakfast? You're Going to Need it...It's a Jungle Out there..." or "Going Ape for Healthy Habits." Both of these I've have done in the past using Jungle/Safari Themes." I decorated with the kits you can purchase at the teacher store and had each animal "saying" either an important fact about breakfast or had a "banana" that had a healthy habit listed on it (Brush your teach twice a day, Exercise every day, etc.)

*Have you Herd (about the health benefits of milk)? Used pictures of a herd of dairy cows with a barn in the background with several of the cows "telling" the benefits of drinking milk. Used red and white checkered bulletin board border to go with the "farm" theme.

*Healthy Habits in a Sea Full of Bad Ones...* Used the characters from Finding Nemo each listing a healthy habit or a bad one to avoid. (Our school did an "Under the Sea" theme that year for Open House.)

*Feeling Under the Weather?* Used a kit purchased from the teacher's store that had different weather pieces with faces (stormy, cloudy, sunny, etc.) and had umbrella die cuts with ways to stay healthy (wash hands, get your flu shot, etc.) Used bulletin board border with all the different types of weather printed on it.

*Get Hopping for Good Health* or *Swinging for Good Health*
Covered the bulletin board with frogs for the first one and swinging monkeys for the second one (twisted brown paper for tree limbs for the monkeys) and added a little extra about the importance of exercise/fitness.

*Whooo Knew?*
Our school mascot is an owl. I used several owls purchased in a kit and included random facts about the human body or random health facts (I googled Random or Interesting Facts about the Human Body.) The older kids have also seemed to enjoy this one. Example: "It takes 17 muscles to smile, 43 to frown. 7% of Americans claim never to bathe at all! Yuck! Each person has their own unique tongue print, etc. etc.

*Who says Good Nutrition is No Picnic?* Used a Food Pyramid poster surrounded by paper plates with important nutritional information on each paper plate. Also decorated with red and white checkered bulletin board border (like a traditional picnic basket cover) and large ant die cuts.

*Sun Safety* There is a website from Gerri Harvey, school nurse. I believe if you google her name or School Nurse Perspectives, you will find her website. She has this topic and some other great bulletin board ideas."

Also, for older students, I think a bulletin board about backpack safety/lightening the load would be good. I havent' done this theme yet but see a lot of our students lugging around HUGE and HEAVY backpacks that can't be good for their shoulders/back. Not to mention, injuries from kids tripping over their backpacks, etc.

I have also found several ideas from a website called Most are health-related and can easily be adapted for a school nurse or health teacher to use. I used one called "Snow How to Stay in Shape." which was easy and cute.

I love going to the teacher's supply store and seeing the cute bulletin board ideas, but they don't make much in the way of health bulletin board stuff. In the past, I've bought what I thought was cute at the time and have always found a way to make something suitable for the school nurse's office out of it. Also, since I'm the only nurse at a small school district, I like my door/bulletin board to match the themes the teachers on my hall are using. I try to stay away from holiday themes, as I don't get around to changing my door as often as the teachers.

Hope this helps!
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School Nurse
Old 02-28-2012, 09:23 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

Ideas I've used:

Get your "beauty sleep." Our hall was doing a fairy tale theme for Open House and each classroom chose a different story. I enlarged a picture of Sleeping Beauty I found on the internet and made an old-looking medieval scroll with information about the importance of a full night's sleep and tips on how to sleep more soundly. I chose a medieval-looking font for the lettering and included the three fairies in the corner.

Eating Healthy is a Picnic... Used red and white checked bulletin board border and printed out large ants. I used paper plates and on each paper plate I attached information about different food groups, healthy snack ideas, etc.

Feeling "Under the Weather?" Used a purchased kit from a teacher supply store of weather border and cut-outs. Included tips on how to stay well, the importance of a flu shot, the importance of washing hands, etc.

"Finding Healthy Habits in a Sea of Bad Ones..." For an under-the-sea/ocean theme I blew up pictures of the characters of "Finding Nemo" and outlined and colored over them with bright chalk to make them look hand-drawn. Each Nemo character had a speech bubble that told a "healthy habit" like to "stay away from drugs and alcohol" and importance of daily exercise, etc. This one was a big hit with the kids. I downloaded a font very much like the "Finding Nemo" one for my title.

"Whoooo Knew?" Our school mascot is the owl. I used several owls with random, interesting and funny facts about the human body. Another hit with the kids.

"Got Breakfast? You're Going to Need it Because It's a Jungle Out There..." Used for Open House theme of jungle/safari... Used animal-printed border and letters and animal cut-outs (from teacher supply store.) Each jungle animal had a tip about the importance of breakfast, tips for breakfast ideas, etc.

"Have you 'herd" about the benefits of milk?" For a farm theme... Big red barn with lots of cows. Each cow lists a benefit of milk vs. other drinks.

"Get Hopping!!!" Frogs all over the place. Logs and bugs for accents. Frogs "talk" about the importance of fitness and staying active.

Just a few ideas...
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