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word family activities
Old 02-23-2010, 06:46 PM
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I have started focusing on word families with my at-risk K students during the last month. So far we have done: at, an, am, and in. I'm looking for more ideas on how to make word families fun and exciting. Here is what I have been doing so far:

- word family bingo
-finding word family words in shared reading
-word building (I give them a sheet of letters they need , they cut them apart and then I saw words and they build them)
-Roll, Say, Keep with word family words
-some pages from Carl's Corner and books from Hubbard's Cupboard
- Memory

What else do you do with word families? I love new ideas and so do my students

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Word Families
Old 02-23-2010, 07:39 PM
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I found some things at fcrr.org, K-1 centers, Phonological Awareness.
I play the games in small group a few times and then put them out as reading centers (for example, I just made the Word Family Houses game. Some of the families are ones we've learned and others we haven't, but they really got it and its nice previewing for upcoming word families!).
My kids also really like to do word family sorts as a whole group. Its pretty funny that they like it so much. For example, today I drew three clouds on the white boards and wrote one rime in each (ap, an, and it). Then I took raindrop cutouts and wrote cvc words from each word family. I held up a raindrop and told them to lean over and tell their partner which cloud it should go under. Then I chose one student to come up and sticky tack it under the right word family cloud. Soooooo simple, I know, but they love when we do these activities and they re doing really well with word family words.
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