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Reteaching strategies/time management
Old 11-23-2005, 11:57 AM
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I teach an ESL language-arts core. We just took a test. Half the students who took it got As and Bs. The other half got Fs, Ds, and very low Cs.

Some of this is based on ability. Lots of it is based on attitude. The kids who did badly are mostly the same kids who don't bring books, play during class, and grind Ms. Green to her last nerve.

I have no directions from my school to reteach, although the program I teach assumes you will. I'm considering splitting the class in two when we get back from Thanksgiving. Group A goes to the library and works on an independent report about a poet. Group B stays with me and learns the material PROPERLY.

Some problems with this are:

1. It will involve juggling our librarian and my paraprofessionals a lot.

2. I'm not sure I'll get better results the second time around. Now it's cold, reheated spinach. They just don't want to read these poems or think about them much.

3. If I'm not introducing new material, this will further hinder the routine I've been trying to get the class into, re spelling words and such.

Ideas? Suggestions?

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I have a similar problem
Old 11-23-2005, 02:08 PM
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We are mandated to reteach and group the kids in our school system. Once I determined that about 8 kids per class period had not mastered pronouns so I designed a book pass activity for the others and retaught those 8 kids. First I used a chart. Then we went through some examples in a text book. Finally, they completed a worksheet. The true assessment was finally passing the prounouns segment of the Orchard program. It worked out pretty well. We are supposed to group our kids a lot, but my challenge is finding the time. There is also the pressure to teach all the standards and that is time-consuming.
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An Age Old Question...
Old 11-26-2005, 11:40 AM
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So many of us have been there!
Do we try to save the "little dimpled darlings" who cause grief, or put our efforts into those who actually try? I think doctors and EMTs call this act of sorting through salvagable victims "triage"...teachers call it a gut-wrenching nightmare that keeps us awake at night.

Some thoughts:
1. Are your "darlings" going to be attending high school in the near future? Will they be given a second chance, or will they be expected to perform the first time by their high school ESL teacher? Do they need to take this skill with them to high school?
2. Is it worth sacrificing your routines you worked so hard to establish at the beginning of a rough year?
Will the effort by you and your support staff be rewarded by authentic student achievement?

3. Would the "slack" students be motivated by poetry they choose or write themselves? Or by some other creative writing material?
Perhaps you could keep the class together if you moved on to another style and taught similar skills to everyone, saving the disruption of your routines?

Having been there so many times, I'm pulling for you, kid! Best Wishes!
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your problem
Old 01-16-2006, 06:14 PM
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Your problem does not lie in the material itself but like you said the attitude the teens have. Many of these people have other problems that are preventing them from excelling in their studies.

Read this to get you thinking in the right direction...
social influence
frustration of learning
It really comes down to their emotions and their previous knowledge. Most teens in school are coming from a very negative apathetic place. They can not help it the school system is set up this way. I personally -think there could be a million improvements made in the school system. I hope someone realizes the problems and takes action to fix them.

Famous philosophers have discovered already that it is not when you are forced to do something but when they have leisure that self actulization takes place. For this reason spliting up the group and shoving the same work down them again will not help matters. Infact it may only make things worse by bringing up feelings of unworthiness and inferiority.

-Distractions two kinds..
-something that they are in the habit of doing
-something that they feel they need before they can move on to other things
-fearful of the outcome/anxiety.example: if they believe by doing something that something bad may happen(kids making fun of them for being nerdS) then they will not want to learn.
-Lack of motivation: one must know how this will help them in the future. remember what is obvious to you will not be obvious to them.
-Lack of knowledge examples: can not memorize things well.. can not think fast enough.. they just don't read the material because of other reasons like motivation
-Lack of experience examples: one who reads how to use a bike yet never puts it to use will never be good at riding the bike.

This issue is not as simple as abc .. these kids have so much to learn and school is not teaching them all the right things. The right things are how to get what you want out of life. The right things are treating life as an adventure. The list goes on and on.

I sincerely hope you help these kids as i was one of them going threw school. School seriously messed me up and it has taken me several years to sort myself out.

best wishes,
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