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Froebels Gift #7
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Hello Again! I hope you all are not tired of me yet! Ok so for one of my courses my Professor is making us discuss (without any real concrete information) Froebels Gift #7 The Parquetry Tablets and its relation to forms of life (how I can introduce this concept to students)! OK IF YOU ARE ANY THING LIKE ME YOURE PROBABLY SAYING, "UHHHHH!?!?!" The only thing I know about Frobel is he is the Father of Kindergarten! And when I look up anything on him nothing really gives me any ideas on what to say about the gift #7 and its correlation to life! So if anyone out there (Im lucky if I even get a single response) can help me. I need to know how to explain/describe the form of life it has? Why we need to know this for an Children s Lit class is beyond me! =( PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance! is offline   Reply With Quote

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I have to say I honestly never knew about Froebel, but you peaked my curiosity, so I did some online searching...

Froebel developed a specific set of twenty "gifts" and "occupations". "The gift leads to discovery; the occupation to invention. The gift gives insight; the occupation, power." (
Apparently, Froebel had three categories for his "gifts", one of them being "forms of life" See below:
Froebel's Categories:
Forms of Knowledge
mathematical and logical ideas such as number, proportion, equivalence and order. These ideas serve to define natural divisions of a gift and to suggest ways of rearranging or transforming these parts.
Forms of Life
represent things that can be seen in the outside world . . . buildings, house, table, sofa, tree, etc.
Forms of Beauty
blocks arranged on a grid without stacking to have some kind of symmetry, to form patterns viewed as ornament

The 7th Gift guides children from constructing objects to representing them in two dimensions. Moving from 3-D to 2-D is the next level of abstraction. The child will learn recognize and name the various shapes, see similarities/differences, and experience patterns of symmetry. (from Amazon)
Children explore mathematical and scientific concepts (such as number and shape) through direct manipulation of physical objects. As children build and experiment with blocks they develop richer ways of thinking about mathematical concepts such as number, size, and shape. (from Also had this quote:

"The character and purpose of these plays may be described as follows: They are a coherent system, starting at each stage from the simplest activity and progressing to the most diverse and complex manifestations of it. The purpose of each one of them is to instruct human beings so that they may progress as individuals and members of humanity is all its various relationships. Collectively they form a complete whole, like a many branched tree, whose parts explain and advance each other. Each is a self-contained whole, a seed from which manifold new developments may spring to cohere in further unity. They cover the whole field of intuitive and sensory instruction and lay the basis for all further teaching. They begin to establish spatial relationships and proceed to sensory and language training so that eventually man comes to see himself as a sentient, intelligent and rational being and as such strives to live." - Friedrich Froebel

This 7th Gift signifies a move from the solid to the flat surface. The first six Gifts allowed a child to create a three-dimensional miniature of objects in their world. Gift 7 allows the child to represent these objects in two-dimensional form. From this work comes an important developmental step. The child is able to utilize what might be abstract thought by playing with these concrete objects

I think maybe your assignment isn't as abstract as it first seems...maybe you just need to explain how the 7th gift goes from 3-D to 2-D to represent things that can be seen in the outside world?
Hope this info helps! I did find it interesting!
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