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Our gifted program has never offered specific math enrichment. Rather, we offer math differentiation via instructional groupings and leveling within the regular education setting. We also integrate math within the gifted program where it made sense within the scheme of a larger hands-on project.

We will now be offering specialized math instruction on a weekly basis for those who are gifted in math. Please, explain what weekly materials and resources you use to enrich in math grades 1-5 as part of a specialized instructional program for gifted. Do you offer math enrichment to those students gifted in math in the same session that you are working on other projects with students with other talents? Or do you have a specific gifted math time for each grade level?

Any information you can offer me would be helpful in moving forward.

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Our math is more acceleration than enrichment. The only thing I do that I would consider "enrichment" is Hands on Equations and a program we purchased this year (for next) called Algebra for All.

If you can afford it, I love Hands-on-Equations.
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