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Classroom Projector Lesson plans
Old 07-16-2012, 01:12 PM
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Hi everyone,

I teach a 4th grade class and keeping student attention can often be difficult. (I'm sure everyone here can relate). I just wanted to share that something that has been working well for me is that I have been using a more electronic approach to make my lesson plans appear more dynamic and engaging and so far it has worked!

My school is in a poorer district and most of our classrooms are not equipped with smart boards or projectors. We work with overheads mostly but recently I managed to get a small projector that has tablet and laptop connectivity.

Now I am able to access Khan Academy or Youtube lessons easily to help visually drive home the purpose of a lesson (I know after 6 hours, I would be tired of my voice too ). This generous of kids is definitely more tech-savvy then the one I grew up with so it is important to meet them on their terms.

*Projector- AAXA P4x LED Pico Projector
*Laptop - Lenovo Ideapad
*Sites used: KhanAcademy, RSAanimate,, AppleLearing Exchange and ATutor.

I would love to hear more if anyone here has had a similar experience and if they know of any other Open Educational resources I can incorporate in my lesson plans.

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Some other sites you might want to try
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are Scholastic's Study Jams site and adventures to fitness (you have to register--it's free). Adventures to fitness is a thirty minute exercise program. The adventures change, I believe, weekly and they visit sights all around the world (so they get exercise while learning some social studies and science concepts) I use that site as a break throughout the day. We'll do up to 15 minutes at a time.

Do you have powerpoint? If you do there are many powerpoint lessons online. I've found that students enjoy those also.

I agree that using technology definitely keeps today's students more focused.
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