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End of Year classroom awards


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Joined: Jul 2006
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End of Year classroom awards
Old 06-03-2007, 03:33 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #1

The end of the year is approaching and I always give out classroom 'fun' awards before we attend the All School Awards Day. These are along the line of 'OOps I forgot..', Best singer, Turtle Award and Miss Congenality, to name a few. Does anyone have suggestions for other Award Titles? I feel that I'm in a rut and could use some new ideas!

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a few
Old 06-03-2007, 04:19 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #2

Here are some that I've used
-super smile
-handsome handwriting
-miss/mister manners
-good sport
-way with words
-two peas in a pod
-super style
-helping hands
-queen of hearts
-king/queen of questions
-peak of participation
-awesome artist
-teacher tester
-disaster desk
-speedy gonzales/speed demon
-ravenous reader
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Some from a friend and others from a website
Old 06-03-2007, 04:20 PM
Clip to ScrapBook #3

My friend sent me this list. I think she said she got this in one of her listservs
From KarenP: I look for graphics to give me ideas.
  • The Survivor (Math, Soc. Studies, Science etc.) Award- for the student who struggled with one thing or another but managed to hang in there.
  • Mathlete Award for excellence in math
  • Nobel Peace Prize for those students who are so able to work well and get along with others. Or you could call it the Peace Corps Award
  • The Thomas Edison Award for outstanding science students.
  • The Tortoise and Hare Award for never giving up the race and winning.
  • Most Improvement Award in any subject area.
  • The CATastrophe award for having the most excuses for not having homework.
  • The Class Clown award.
  • The Most Helpful Award I had several who were always asking me if I needed someone to run papers to the copy room or pick up my mail or just run an errand.
  • The Emily Post Award for best manners, kindness and courtesy to others.
  • The Hummingbird Award for the student who was always corrected for humming in class. (drove me nuts)
  • The Librarian's Award for finding the most lost books at his house.
  • The Microphone Award for being the loudest one in class.
  • The Timex Award for always keeping us on time for everything. (A clock watcher)
  • Then the traditional Subject Awards like:
  • Outstanding Math Student, Social Studies Student, etc.
  • 110% Award for those who never give up.
  • The Leadership Award for students who work so well as group leaders or within a group.
  • The Thinker Award for students who were good problem solvers. I imported a graphic of the statue on their certificates
Informal (Fun) Appreciation Awards
Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation
http://www.guidezone.skl.com/jainformal.htm (website no longer online)
  • Bear. For bearing up under pressure (plastic bear with a tire gauge, mounted)
  • Ball. For being 'on the ball'; we had a ball (styrofoam ball with pipe cleaner person on top; ball of any kind, mounted)
  • Banana. For having the greatest a-peal (wax or plasitic banana, mounted)
  • Bean. You've been (bean) wonderful! (lima or other large bean, mounted)
  • Best Foot Forward. Wooden ruler; sock with the toe cut off)
  • Big Heart. For real dedication (red heart pillow or red heart candy box)
  • Bounce. For one who bounced back and softened our hearts (sheet of fabric softener)
  • Cheer. Box of Cheer laundry soap.
  • Covered the Topic. For a workshop presenter (large platic lid)
  • Crutch. For being someone we can always lean on.
  • Dog. For someone worked like a dog (dog biscuit or rubber bone, mounted)
  • Eggs. For an eggs-cellent job or an eggs-citing idea (egg shells or plastic egg, mounted)
  • Eye-opening Performance. Box of tooth picks.
  • Eyes on U. We're keeping our eyes on you (button or googly eyes mounted on a large felt letter "U")
  • Fizz. For adding pizazz to our undertaking (container of Alka Seltzer tables, mounted)
  • Football. For being willing to tackle the job (toy football)
  • Fresh Air. For bringing a fresh approach (roll of mints or Certs)
  • Funny Bone. For entertaining us; resolving a situation with humor (feather mounted to a rubber/plastic/real bone)
  • Hat's Off. Our hats are off to you (real hat; toy hat, mounted)
  • Head and Shoulders Above the Rest. Upper part of plastic doll mounted above a piece of wood so the head is about the wood.
  • Helping Hand. Outline of a hand traced on construction paper, mounted; stuffed glove on a dowel)
  • Ice Cream. For someone who can lick any job (cotton wadding in sugar/wafer ice cream cone, mounted)
  • Knocked Yourself Out. Small hammer or mini bat, mounted.
  • Knot. For someone who tied it all together (square or over-hand knot sprayed gold, mounted)
  • Key. You've been the key to our success.
  • Lollipop. See Ice Cream Award (large sucker, mounted)
  • Marbles. For a marble-ous job; (bag of marbles; two or three marbles, mounted)
  • Million Thanks. Play money in denominations adding up to $1,000,000.
  • Needle and Thread. For keeping is in stiches.
  • N'ice Job. Box of N'ice cough drops.
  • Noteworthy. Small notepad, mounted
  • Nuts. We're nuts about you; you had to be nuts to take on this task (bag of nuts; 2 or 3 nuts, mounted, large walnut on a string)
  • Plunger. For plunging right in (small sink plunger)
  • Raisin Pay. For the deserving ones (a pyramid of raisins, glued to a backing)
  • Record-breaker. Split vinyl record, mounted.
  • Ringy-Dingy. For phone bank organizer (plastic toy phone; two cans on a string)
  • Right Arm. Cardboard arm with hand in the Scout sign; doll's right arm.
  • Right Foot. For starting us off right (outline of a foot traced on construction paper, mounted)
  • Rock. Mounted
  • Rose. You rose to the occassion (artificial or ribbon rose)
  • Rubber Band. For banding us together; expanding our knowledge; showing flexibility.
  • Scout Spirit. Make a ball-and-rag ghost doll.
  • Seashell. For a 'shell' of a good job (large seashell, mounted)
  • Shining Example. Mirror, mylar, or metal foil
  • Spark. For someone who supplied the spark to get the project going (spark plug, mounted; Independence Day sparkler, mounted)
  • Spoon. For a banquet organizer (wooden spoon, mounted)
  • Stake. For those with commitment-a stake in the Scouting program (a tent stake; certificate for steak dinner)
  • Static Guard. The 'static' has vanished since you joined the group.
  • Stuck With It. A roll of tape; glue stick.
  • T-rific. Golf tee or tea bags, mounted.
  • Target. For keeping us on target, making our target (facsimile archery target, mounted)
  • Toilet Paper. For managing the all-important paperwork.
  • Toothpick. Appologize for being picky.
  • Trix. For utilizing your bag of tricks (Trix cereal in a bag)
  • Udderly Fabulous. Blown up latex glove.
  • Welcome Aboard. Strip of wood with word "Welcome" painted on it.
  • Well Done. Burnt slice of toast, perserved and mounted
  • Whale. For a whale of a job (toy plastic whale, mounted)
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Joined: Jul 2006
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Candy Awards
Old 06-04-2007, 06:07 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #4

I use www.teachingheart.net and use their candy award list as a guideline for creative awards for my students. When I get stuck, I go stand in the candy isle at the drugstores and come up with other awards. Here are a couple that I have used. . .
*Good and Plenty: Read good and plenty of books
*Butterfinger: broken arm
*Almond Joy: Always being joyful
*Snickers: Able to make others snicker/laugh
*Kit Kat: At the teachers side
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Winget Park

Winget Park
Great Idea
Old 05-20-2009, 05:00 AM
Clip to ScrapBook #5

Love this idea, these are great awards!

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