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suggestions for an ESL survival kit?
Old 09-10-2007, 04:49 PM
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In the ESL class that I am currently taking, I have been
given the task of creating an ESL survival kit. The
scenario is that I would be pioneering a brand-new ESL
pull-out program and also be in charge of training
classroom teachers about teaching the ELLs in their own
classrooms. I have begun researching the materials that
are available, but I know that those who know best are
those of you that are out in the field! Does anyone have
any suggestions for...

professional resources for teacher reference
textbook series
student books (non-textbook)
CDs of music/stories
computer software
videos/films for students or teachers

Any suggestions would be appreciated, as this would help
me hone in on certain materials to research further. I
appreciate any insights that you can share about the
resources that you love most and why you love them!

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Some ideas
Old 09-11-2007, 07:27 AM
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I suggest that every teacher who teaches ESL should have the book Learner English. It is the best ESL manual I have ever used:

I also suggest every teacher should have an understanding of Total Physical Response (TPR), so I would include information on this.

A good picture dictionary for students and teachers.

Paste on labels for items in the classroom--pencil sharpener, desk, window, door, etc.

An example of a general ed lesson plan with ESL modifications/accommodations added, to show how the regular ed curriculum can be modified/accommodated to reach the ESL student.
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