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How do I change my password?


 Note: If you have forgotten your current password, click here.


To change your ProTeacher password, do the following


1. Sign in to your account using your User Name and current password.

2. Go to the "Edit Email & Password" page.


A.  Type your current password

B.  Type your new password twice in the lines provided.

C.  Click the "Save Changes" button

D.  Try signing out and signing back in a few times to make sure your new password works. Remember your password!


Password Tips:


A stronger password is 8 characters or longer, has both uppercase and lowercase letters, and a number.


One simple way to make a pretty strong password is to put two unrelated words together followed, preceded or separated by a numeral

example:  findcaKe23

example: Flowerpencil451


Do not use the same password for all the websites you go to.


See also: How to Choose a Strong Password

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