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How to Post an Events Entry

Want to enter one of the events periodically listed on our Home page? Here's how to post your entry:


1. Visit our Home page and click on the event you wish to enter.

2. Read the event instructions, then click on the "Post Your Entry" button at the bottom of the page

3. Here is what the entry form looks like:


4. Fill out the form A, B, and C according to the event instructions.

For help attaching your photo or other file, see: How to Post a Photo or File Attachment



Once you submit your entry, you will not be able to see or edit it any further. So, be sure to Preview Your Entry until you are satisfied with it.

We will not show submitted entries until the date specified in the event instructions.



Not all events are contests, but if the event is a contest, all entries will be displayed anonymously at the time of voting. The winners will be announced, but -rest assured- vote totals will never be displayed.

After the contest, all entries will be moved to our Events Gallery or featured on one of our other boards with all the normal information that messages have on the other boards including username. Everyone can then enjoy looking at all the entries.


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